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About this Site


There are now so many “outlets” for puppies, that finding a reputable puppy breeder has become increasingly difficult and confusing for anyone not closely  involved in the dog world. What should be a happy and enjoyable task – finding your new beagle puppy – can quickly become a stressful experience with buyers left feeling that they are taking “pot luck,” through inexperience, lack of clear information and unfortunately, in some cases, deliberate deception.


All the beagle breeders listed on this site will be known to one another and they will have to meet a criteria (see the “Setting The Standard” page) that is higher than that set by the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme.

Not all good breeders are show exhibitors but those who do show and breed, tend to have a good understanding of the Breed Standard and will breed in order to maintain good temperament, health, quality and “type”.  Reputable breeders will be happy to take time to answer any of your questions and queries. They will also ask you many questions to establish that you have researched the breed and that you have a good understanding of the pleasures and potential pitfalls of owning a Beagle.

Website Manager 

This website was previously created and managed by, professional dog trainer, Amy Louise Millward. Amy was introduced to showing and breeding Beagles while in secondary school, purchasing her first Beagle, Bea, in 2013. This beagle and her mischievous ways drove Amy to study reward based dog training and later, animal behaviour theory, qualifying with the Association of pet Dog Trainers shortly after leaving higher education.  In partnership with a local Beagle Kennel, Amy has successfully shown Beagles making up the Kennel's first Champion with 5 RCCs and 3 CCs in 2018. 

The website is now managed by Sarah Porter of Puddlehill Beagles.  Sarah and her family fell in love with beagles several years ago and purchased their first beagle, Yoda, in 2012.  After this Maybel came along and Sarah dabbled in showing.  Sarah and her family live with three beagles; Yoda, Maybel, Wanda and their loveable black & tan coonhound Darcey with everything around the Porter Family revolving around their dogs.  


Sarah has qualifications in canine behaviour, canine nutrition and is a qualified canine myotherapist.  

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