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Advice on Training a Beagle Puppy

Every puppy should begin training as soon as possible, especially beagles who are not always the easiest breeds to train. Beagles can typically struggle with being left alone, lead pulling and coming back when called, so getting off on the right foot is essential. 

Puppy training classes can be very beneficial in both socialising and training your young beagle, it is recommended to find a trainer before you get your puppy home to ensure you get a space on quality training classes. To find a good training course you need to look for a class that uses positive reinforcement (reward training) and who's instructor is registered with a recognised organisation. Some good organisations include the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, the Animal Behaviour and Training Council, the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and the Karen Pryor Academy. Many of these website also have a 'find a trainer' section to help you get in touch with someone in your area.

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As soon as you get your puppy home, training begins! Your new beagle puppy will be learning with every interaction you have so set down your ground rules and stick to them. If your puppy is going to be allowed to do something, i.e. jump up on you, think about if you want a fully grown (possibly muddy) beagle doing that. It is much easier to prevent bad habits forming than to try and train them out of an adolescent beagle, so start how you mean to go on.


If you are looking to get started on training and succeed right from the start you can enrol onto this online course of video lessons and written exercises. It is produced by Amy Millward Dog Training, registered with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, the Animal Behaviour and Training Council and the Kennel Club's Good Citizen Dog Scheme. This course costing just £39.99 will ensure your Beagle's training gets a fantastic start.

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