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Springpine Beagles

We have owned  Beagles since 1967 and started showing them in 1968. In  1989 we bred our first litter, for showing ourselves.  At present we have eight beagles ranging from 1 year to almost fifteen years! They all live in the house with us and enjoy the freedom of the land.

We have  several dogs in the K.C. Stud Book that we bred and also won 1 C.C. & B.O.B. &  3 R.C.C.s

We both award C.C.s in the breed.


Contact Ron and Maureen Caney

tel.no. 01829751056

email  springpine@btinternet.com

All the Springpine Beagles we have bred and shown have been Crufts qualified.

Ron has been a committee member of the Northern & Midland Counties Beagle Club for over 20 years and we are also members of The Beagle Association and West Mercia Beagle Club.


Older puppies and adults are occasionally available to permanent, loving homes.