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Brimbleway Beagles


Contact:  Carla and James Laughton

Tel No:     07547218790




Welcome to Brimbleway Beagles


We are lovingly owned by our four beagles, who are very much part of the family and live in the home with us. Carla has been involved in beagles for a little over ten years now and enjoys all aspects of dog owning, training, behaviour and of course showing at both open and championship level. Carla is also a committee member of The Beagle Association.


Our beagles are tested for MLS, NCCD and Lafora as a minimum. We also have had both our breeding beagles hip tested as we feel this is important going forward for the breed.


We don’t often have litters, but when we do they are raised in the home with the upmost care and attention. We enjoy puppy culture with our litters and we work very hard to socialise them and desensitise them to the every day busy home environment. 


If you are interested in a Brimbleway Beagle, we will provide you with full information upon an initial email. We may also ask a few questions about you and your lifestyle to ensure our puppies will thrive in their new home.

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