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I developed an everlasting love for Beagles in the late 1960s resulting from my family’s interest in the breed and a special fondness for my favourite hound and beloved pet, Argentius Trigo.

I maintain a fervent passion for Beagles and my undeflected objective during the coming decades is to continue being famous for breeding and showing quality Beagles.

I have participated at Crufts Dog Show during the past thirteen years. My Kennels are located in the heart of Hertfordshire.

Three of my home bred Beagles, Triecap Prince Zaphar, Triecap Princess Zara and Triecap Lord Oscar (Prince Zaphar Son) have all attained their UK Kennel Club Stud Book Numbers

All my breeding Beagles are clear of: MLS, NCCD and Factor VII, IGS and Liver Gene Clear.

As well as both breeding and showing Beagles, I also possess a passionate commitment in the Judging discipline of our wonderful breed and Judge at Open Show level.

I am a member of the following breed clubs  –  The Beagle Club, The Beagle Association, The Northern & Midland Counties Beagle Club and The West Mercia Beagle Club.

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